Letter from ATD Director – Garry Drummond

September 23, 2015
TO: AA & US Airways Locals 501 – 591
RE: American Airlines

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

For almost a year, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and his senior staff have continuously made some very bold “Delta Plus” promises to our members. Now that Delta has announced pay increases of up to 14.5 percent, we expect Mr. Parker to live up to those promises.

We expect not only the highest base hourly rates in the airline industry, but also industry-leading benefits and work-rules. After all, American Airlines is one of the largest and most profitable US airlines and TWU members have, and continue to make sacrifices that have made American’s success possible.

TWU members have a voice and a vote in their future. We will set the bar in the industry and the “union premium” will remain clear and obvious.

Garry Drummond
Director Air Transport Division