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SFO Informational Update

To:  All TWU Local 505 Members and Officers

As you are aware our Local President, Mike Mayes, is participating in the Joint CBA negotiations.  This is a very demanding and complex assignment requiring attendance at not only the Negotiation Table but also multiple meetings in preparation for presentation of contract proposals to the Company.  He will be traveling extensively during the upcoming months to participate in this process as the meetings are taking place in different cities throughout the system. 

During Mike’s absence from the Local Hall and daily availability to the Membership, as Vice President I will assume his Local functions and responsibilities.  If a situation arises, or you have ongoing concerns on any back issues, please contact Herbert Brown (SFO Station Chairperson) or Jennifer Platt (TWU Local 505 Vice President) for assistance.  Robert Todd (TWU Local 505 Executive Board) is also available specializing in Title II concerns.  As always we are available by phone, text, email and in person on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis.  Please call ahead before coming to the Union Hall to insure someone will be there to meet with you.  All contact information is listed below.

The negotiation process is very important to all of us and will impact not only your financial future but also work rules and health and welfare benefits.  Please support Mike while he represents all of us in this process, he and the negotiation team are our voices.  The 505 is very proud that Mike was designated to fill this important seat at the bargaining table, you as Members can feel confident that Mike will carry your Contract concerns to the highest level.

Thank you again for your support.  Work safe and smart for yourself, your family, and your co-workers.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Carol Platt
TWU Local 505
Vice President

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