Monthly Archives: April 2016

Power Stow….at SFO ?

Yes, the Power Stow is here in station, well it’s not quite ready for use on the Ramp yet but it’s here.  Like with any new ground equipment the Power Stow has many mechanical tests, repair and operating training sessions, and much more before it is ready to be put into service.

I did have an opportunity to check it out last week, just a walk – a-round, it is locked up at the Hanger for now until all safety checks and training schedules are met.  I believe that this new equipment will have its pluses and minuses for us on the Ramp, but you be the judge of that once it is up and running.


Please be sure that when it’s your turn to use or repair the Power Stow that you have been properly trained on its operation and features.  Also, remember that if you do not feel comfortable driving or operating the Power Stow, or any equipment, let your Crew Chief or CSM know before you put yourself in an unsafe situation.  Initial or refresher training is always available, and encouraged, this can be done in a group setting or one-on-one.  The main thing is that you get to actually get your hands on (or dirty in some cases) before we are depending on its use to get a live flight out.

If you want a sneak peek of the Power Stow and see it in live action, there are several YouTube videos featuring this equipment – check it out ! Your feedback on any aspects of the Power Stow is important to the Union, so don’t hesitate to let me know your feelings on this new equipment.

Stay Safe,

Jennifer Platt
TWU Local 505
Interim President