Leadership Changes for TWU Local 505 Title II and Title III at SFO

I am please and very excited to announce that Mike Mayes will be moving into the position of Director Air Transport Division for the Transport Workers Union of America.  Mike will be leaving Local 505 after serving our Members as President for over 10 years.  Most of you have worked with Mike over the years with our Title II and Title III work groups. He has been active in the International Organization during not only the current contract negotiations, but has served special duty as an acting International Representative.  We at the 505 our proud that one of our Member elected Officers has been chosen for this position during these challenging times.  I believe Mike will make a difference in leading all of us towards a better future.

As Mike moves on to his new position, I will be representing our Local 505 Members as President.  I am confident that I will be able to perform these duties with the ground work laid before me in a manner respective of all Contracts and Policies.  With the changes in Leadership; Skip Horvoka will be assuming the responsibilities of Vice President TWU Local 505.  Skip has a long history with the 505, as a Member – both Title III and Title II, and has served as Shop Steward and has sat on the Executive Board of the Local.  Please welcome him and extend all privileges of an Officer.  Additionally, with the retirement of long time Officer Robert Todd, the position of Executive Board for the 505 will be filled by Robert Holzknecht.  Robert Todd had served as Vice President, Shop Steward and Executive Board Member though out the years – he will be missed greatly.  Robert Holznecht will assume his duties and will continue to represent the Members as a Shop Steward as needed.

Moving forward; updated contact information is as follows:

Jennifer Carol Platt

Skip Horvorka
650. 274.9776

Robert Holznecht