Local 505 is Ready To Fight

The Today We Unite—I’m Ready To Fight effort is a project of TWU’s International Campaign Unit, our cross-divisional, cross-departmental strategic campaign department designed to take on the union’s biggest fights. It launched the internal organizing drive to generate support for the TWU bargaining teams at American Airlines, which have now been at the table with the company for over a year and a half. And while they've resolved a number of issues, there are still key areas of the contract that need to be addressed. Our bargaining committees show up at every bargaining session prepared and ready to work, but the company has shown no sense of urgency to finalize this contract. That is unacceptable.

So we’ll continue this campaign for as long as it takes, and we’ll keep our members up to date on all the ways they can keep the pressure on the airline. Stay tuned for more opportunities to take action, and in the meantime, keep taking these #TodayWeUnited photos and sharing them. Check out the slideshow on the International home page, our Flickr feed, and our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the photos.

The Today We Unite—I’m Ready To Fight