Monthly Archives: January 2018

Happy New Year

In with the new year and in with our new Officers, we are all looking forward to a very exciting 2018.  There will be some challenges up ahead and we are committed to doing the best job possible to serve our Membership.

David Taumoepeau, Skip Hovorka, Leilani Kapewa, Jennifer Platt

One of our biggest projects will be enhancing communication between the Local and the Members.  Our intention is to take advantage of technology so that we can get you important information as quickly as possible.  The enhancements we are looking at will include; a 505 Facebook account, text, and email alerts, and updating our current website to include meeting minutes.  All and all we should be able to reach each of you immediately with current and reliable information.  Please help us out by getting your email address (not and phone number to a Union Rep or sign up at the next Membership Meeting so that we can include you.

We are looking forward to a ratification vote on the JBCA as soon as our negotiators can secure us the best agreement possible.  Those of you who were here for the last (current) CBA will remember the process of ratification which includes presentation of the tentative agreement to all Members with a system wide vote to follow.  Please continue to support our negotiating team, they have spent many hours, time away from their families, and much heartburn working towards a palatable agreement.  The 505 will plan special meetings and town hall presentations to explain and highlight contract articles; times and locations to be announced.

Another challenge will be the assimilation of the T1 LUS IAM employees into the 505.  As most of you are aware SFO has been designated a TWU station and that we will be representing them when the JCBA is ratified.  We are hoping for a smooth transition and will be relying on our Membership to welcome them into the 505.  Given that this will happen with the new Contract we can focus on learning the book together.  The Company will have to figure out locker rooms, breakrooms, shift bids and vacation bid issues.  It will be an adjustment for all of us and we look forward to the increase in Members for our local.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!