Q & A – Special Crew Chief Self-Demotion March 2015

Q. 1 I am a full time Crew Chief. At my station, only part time Fleet Service clerks have put in a bid for a full time Fleet Service Crew Chief promotional opportunity. Will I be allowed to self-demote?

A. 1 No. This is because bids will only be awarded within the same station (local airport), classification and status (FT/PT). Full time Crew Chief opportunities will be filled by full time employees and part time Crew Chief opportunities will be filled by part time employees. Under the circumstances you describe above, you would not be allowed to self-demote.

Q. 2 I am a full time Crew Chief. I have less seniority than an employee with recall rights to the position I want to self-demote to at my station. Will I be allowed to self-demote?

A. 2 In order to protect the recall rights of other employees, the Company and the TWU have agreed that under such circumstances, you would be prohibited from exercising the ability to self-demote during the special window. (Reference letter of agreement dated March 14, 1996)

Q. 3 I have been a Crew Chief for less than 180 days. Can I self-demote?

A. 3 Normally, a Crew Chief is not allowed to self-demote during the trial period. However, during this special window only, you are eligible to self-demote.

Q. 4 I am a full time Crew Chief, who was a part time Fleet Service Clerk immediately prior to becoming a Crew Chief. Will I be allowed to self-demote?

A. 4 Yes, but only if a full time Fleet Service Clerk has put in a bid for a full time Crew Chief promotional opportunity. (Refer to Question #1.)

Q. 5 Can I refuse a bid for a Crew Chief opportunity under the special self-demotion provision?

A. 5 You may withdraw your bid prior to the end of the special window, but not after. Bids on file at the end of the special window are irrevocable and cannot be rescinded.

Q. 6 I was demoted for cause (or during the trial period) six months ago. Am I eligible to bid for a Crew Chief opportunity created by the special window?

A. 6 No. As a result of your demotion less than twelve months ago, you do not meet the qualifications required for the Crew Chief classification.

Q. 7 What qualifications are required to be a Crew Chief?

A. 7 To qualify for a Crew Chief position created by the special window, an employee must take and pass the qualifying test(s) established in the QAM (Qualifications Administration Manual) prior to being awarded a Crew Chief position. In other words, all employees must be qualified before the self-demotion and upgrade can take place.

Q. 8 What shift, days off and/or work area will I have as a result of changing positions during the special window?

A. 8 Shift, days off and other work assignment details will be handled on a local basis and coordinated with the Company and local TWU representatives.

Q. 9 I am currently a Crew Chief at a station that is covered under the One Station Complex Agreement, specifically, LGA. Am I subject to being reassigned to JFK as a result of electing to self-demote?

A. 9 No. The provisions of Article 46 – One Station Complex Agreements, are not applicable under the self-demotion process.

Q. 10 I’m a Crew Chief in Cargo. Will I be “held” for promotion/demotion purposes within the Cargo group or will I be blended into the overall Fleet Service group at the station?

A. 10 The special self-demotion provision was intended to apply at the station (local airport). Therefore, for purposes of the special self-demotion window, the Cargo Fleet Service employees and the Ramp Fleet Service employees will be blended into one group.

Q. 11 I am on an unpaid Leave of Absence/Inactive Status. Will I be eligible to self-demote or promote under this special provision?

A. 11 No. You must be on active payroll at the time you submit your request in order to be eligible to participate in the Crew Chief special self-demotion window. If you are drawing SK pay then you would be considered under this provision.

Q. 12 I am on a Union Leave of Absence. Am I allowed to self-demote or promote under this provision?

A. 12 Yes.

Q. 13 If I self-demote under the special window, will I be able to be utilized as a D1 (Acting Crew Chief) after my self-demotion? If not, how long will I be ineligible?

A. 13 Crew Chiefs self-demoting through the special self-demotion process will be required to wait for a period of twelve (12) months to bid another regular or temporary Crew Chief vacancy and wait twelve (12) months to serve in the capacity of an acting Crew Chief.

Q. 14 When must the window open and close?

A. 14 As outlined in Article 12(n) (2) and (3), the window must be started and concluded during the month of March.

Should you have any questions not addressed in this Q & A, please call your LR/HR Ops Support office or representative.

NMB Process Plods Along

Yesterday, the National Mediation Board (NMB) requested additional information from the TWU/IAM Association relating to our request for a determination of Single Carrier Status (SCS). Specifically, the NMB asked for documentation related to both American Airlines and US Airways Simulator Technicians.

This request is evidence the NMB is actively engaged in processing the Association’s SCS determination filing, which is required before Alliance Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stock Clerk members can start negotiating agreements that recognize all of the hard work and sacrifice they have made.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2015 Michael J. Quill Scholarship!

TWU is now accepting applications for the Michael J. Quill Scholarship Fund's 2015 cycle. Since 1969, TWU has awarded 15 four-year college scholarships each year to college-bound dependents of TWU members. Each award recipient receives $1,200 annually, for a total of $4,800 over the four-year college period.

Quill Scholarship awards have benefitted hundreds of families throughout the TWU. Sons and daughters of our members in city passenger transit, railroad and air transportation, utilities, public employment, space installations, and allied industries are among those who began their college educations with the help of the TWU’s signature scholarship, bearing the name of our founder.
The scholarship will be paid out, per year in the amount of $1200.00 to winners who continue to be eligible over their four (4) year course. Union Benefit Planners has again gladly agreed to sponsor an additional eight (8) scholarships worth $2500.00 each.
In addition, we have two new sponsors, who have requested to give to this cause. M3 Technology will sponsor five (5) scholarships worth $2000.00 each and Vincent Pitta from Pitta & Giblin LLP will sponsor two (2) scholarships worth $2500.00 each. All of the above sponsored scholarships will be paid out in the first year, as a single scholarship.
The deadline for all applications will be April 17, 2015; no applications postmarked after this date will be accepted – there will be no exceptions. Winners of the scholarships will be determined by a public drawing to be held in May. Winners will be notified by mail 5-7 days thereafter.
The Quill Scholarship Program is supervised by International Executive Vice President John Samuelsen with the able assistance of Executive Secretary Tinisha Thompson.
For eligibility requirements, the scholarship FAQs and to download the application, visit www.twu.org/Members/2015QuillScholarship.aspx.




2015_February_4 Electronic Transfer and Bid System Signed Letter.pdf                                  

Transportation Legislation Training Conference

The Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division held the first ever Transit Reauthorization Legislation Education and Training Conference on March 9th & 10th in NJ.
There were over 80 participants representing Transit, Air and Rail Divisions from across the country. The conference focused on all aspects of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill, a vital piece of legislation that directly affects over 55,000 TWU members and all of the communities that rely on public transportation.
The International Leadership, Division Staff, Local Officers, State Conference Chairs, Activist and The Government Affairs Department came together to kick off an aggressive campaign to engage our locals and members in support of passing a long term and well funded Transportation Bill.
The conference attendees enjoyed presentations on the legislative process, privatization, 13c protection, comfort breaks, operator assaults and internal organizing. There were special presentations by acting FTA Administrator Therese McMillan and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop. International President Harry Lombardo and International Administrative Committee Officers addressed and participated throughout the conference as well. President Lombardo encouraged the conference attendees to aggressively participate in this campaign and stated that “The real work begins when we leave this conference.”
Moving forward, TWU’s Transit Reauthorization Campaign will involve: phone banking, letters to elected officials and district lobbying visits. Additional tasks will roll out as the campaign progresses. According to Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Director Jerome Lafragola, “one goal of this conference is to create a synergy between the staff, local officers, members, divisions and departments to harness the full power of the TWU, to affect a more positive outcome.”