Important message from TWU International President Harry Lombardo

Good afternoon Sisters and Brothers,

I wanted to share with you that I will be testifying on behalf of our great union before Congress this Thursday, April 23, on the importance of reauthorizing MAP-21, the federal surface transportation funding legislation.  This is the first time a President of TWU has been asked to testify before Congress in recent memory, a task I am not taking lightly.  On the heels of our Transit Transportation Legislation Training Conference, I plan on fully taking advantage of this opportunity to highlight the unique history of TWU; how we had the backbone to fight for working people.  I will ask Congress where their backbone is when it comes to fighting for the priorities of our members, such as the need for greater and sustainable transit/transportation funding, opposing privatization of transit operations and ensuring the health and safety of transit workers by cutting down on assaults.

I will be testifying before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on Thursday.  The hearing begins at 10 am and I will be the fourth of four people to testify. The hearing can be viewed live by going to and clicking on the “Watch Live Hearing” link in the middle of the page (just note that the “Watch Live Hearing” link will only be available once the Committee hearing begins).  I am asking that you share this information with your members and encourage them to listen in.  We will also be posting information on TWU’s Facebook and Twitter page, @transportworker, which can and should be shared, reposted and retweeted as much as possible.

This is an important moment for our union.  It’s time to let our elected representatives and the public know we are a force to be reckoned with.  When I was given the honor of leading this union, I said I wanted to increase our influence and activity on Capitol Hill.  Well I mean what I say.  Let’s use this as an opportunity to move forward as one union and create positive change for our members and all working people.

In solidarity,

Harry Lombardo
TWU International President

Negotiations Preparation Update

March 23, 2015

TO: AA Locals 501 – 591

RE: Negotiations Preparation Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In conjunction with the work that has been done by the Local Presidents over the last few weeks, including our session in Baltimore, subcommittees have been established to reconcile differences between the TWU AA contracts and the IAM US Airways contracts. The initial TWU table teams and subcommittees are:

Fleet Service: David Virella*, Brian Oyer, Mike Mayes and Pete Hogan. The Fleet Service subcommittee, assisting with research and the writing of proposals: Victor Gonzalez, Andre Sutton, Tim Hughes, Tim Marting and Tom Lee.

M&R Title I: Sean Doyle*, Dale Danker, Larry Pike and Gary Peterson.

MCT: Tony McCoy*, Jason Best and Gary Moffitt.

Title II: Tony McCoy*, Dale Lantz, Jay Sleeman and Eddie Suarez. The Title II subcommittee, assisting with research and the writing of proposals: Chris Kiernan, Robert Todd, Harry Clark, Bill Clark, Ken Vunck and Mike Schwanz.

Title V: Sean Doyle*, Pat Bax, Bob Strebeck and Mike Bush.

These groups will be working diligently over the next few weeks to finalize proposals in preparation for contract reconciliation with the IAM.

We will continue to keep you informed with updates as we move through the process of negotiating an agreement you and your families truly deserve.


Garry Drummond
Director Air Transport Division
*Denotes Chairperson

TWU International to Survey the membership


Harry Lombardo, TWU International President, Made a commitment at our 24th Constitutional Convention to empower the membership and support the locals.

The survey is being mailed out to you in the next several days by the International. This survey which Harry believes is critically important and is meant to gain feedback on how the International communicates and prioritizes the needs of the members as well as gauge the issues and interests of importance to you.

Harry is requesting that all members fill out and return the survey once they receive it. In addition, the survey can also be completed online at Their goal is for each Local to have at least a 25% participation rate and he is confident we can see those results. As an incentive to participate, those filling out the survey will become eligible to win merchandise from