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Attention All SFO FSC and CC

Attention All SFO FSC and CC:

I understand that there are concerns regarding the July 9th shift bid.  I do recognize that there are multiple Contractual violations and I have taken action to enforce our CBA to highest level.  Below is the 29D which has been filed; further action and discussion is forthcoming with our Local, American Airlines, and our International.

Thank you for continued support and know that I am working diligently to enforce our agreement and protect the Membership.

Jennifer Carol Platt
Interim President
TWU Local 505

Read it here!

Power Stow….at SFO ?

Yes, the Power Stow is here in station, well it’s not quite ready for use on the Ramp yet but it’s here.  Like with any new ground equipment the Power Stow has many mechanical tests, repair and operating training sessions, and much more before it is ready to be put into service.

I did have an opportunity to check it out last week, just a walk – a-round, it is locked up at the Hanger for now until all safety checks and training schedules are met.  I believe that this new equipment will have its pluses and minuses for us on the Ramp, but you be the judge of that once it is up and running.


Please be sure that when it’s your turn to use or repair the Power Stow that you have been properly trained on its operation and features.  Also, remember that if you do not feel comfortable driving or operating the Power Stow, or any equipment, let your Crew Chief or CSM know before you put yourself in an unsafe situation.  Initial or refresher training is always available, and encouraged, this can be done in a group setting or one-on-one.  The main thing is that you get to actually get your hands on (or dirty in some cases) before we are depending on its use to get a live flight out.

If you want a sneak peek of the Power Stow and see it in live action, there are several YouTube videos featuring this equipment – check it out ! Your feedback on any aspects of the Power Stow is important to the Union, so don’t hesitate to let me know your feelings on this new equipment.

Stay Safe,

Jennifer Platt
TWU Local 505
Interim President 

Local 505 Members are Involved !!!

Being a Union Member is more than just receiving all the benefits of working under a Collective Bargaining Agreement.  We have the opportunity to proudly participate within our own Local, the TWU International organization, politically, stand in solidarity with other Unions, forming partnerships with the community to help other working men and women.  These actions make our own Local stronger and build a network of support that can facilitate change to improve living and working conditions for all.

Here are some actions and events that included Local 505 Members:

TWU Workers stand with International Brotherhood of Teamsters

On Friday February 26th, Local 505 Members joined with their brothers and sisters for a nationwide day of action organized by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at airports across the country; including walking at SFO with the United Airlines Teamsters at Terminal 3. Members came together to protest the issues facing airline workers across all classes and crafts, shedding light on the poverty-level wages, grueling hours, and treacherous conditions they face in what many call “the new fast food industry.” 

“For far too long, these airline CEOs have been getting rich on the backs of every day working people. TWU is proud to stand with every union member every day,” said TWU International President Harry Lombardo. “We’re all in this together for our members: the people that keep America moving. But when airlines are raking in record profits and our people can’t put food on the table or send their kids to college, then something has to give. It’s time to stand up and fight back, together.”

TWU Members showing solidarity: John Perakis, Joe Pascual, Aaron Bates, Sonny Joson, Robert Herrera, Steve Zinc, Anil Kumar, Skip Horvorka, Jennifer Platt, Mark Ferrua, not shown – Robert Todd (taking photograph)

TWU  Working Women’s Committee

TWU sisters and brothers across divisions came to share ideas, strategies, stories and power this January; hosted by TWU Local 513, 556, and 567, the three-day meeting was held in Southlake, Texas.  The WWC has taken on a number of important projects ranging from legislative and political action, organizing and training, community outreach, health and family issues. The WWC is an organization of Union women and men who ban together for networking, programs, education and leadership skill enrichment. The TWU International’s WWC comes together several times a year to report out on local progress and move forward on the year’s key platforms and agenda items, many of which complement some of TWU International’s overall goals and priorities. Check out the WWC their Facebook page for more information.

WWC January 26, 2016; Local 505 Member Leona Taylor (pictured back row-center)

Upcoming Actions and Meetings:

TWU California State Conference
TWU State Conferences are the powerhouses where we supercharge our vision, know-how and coordination. Local 505 has long participated with the Conference for many years. These meetings of local leadership provide a forum for locals to pool resources, strategize and grow a dedicated network of activists to confront regional challenges. Since first convened, the State Conferences have won critical battles and developed strong community and political ties across the country. Herbert Brown, TWU Local 505 Section Chairperson SFO, will be attending the California Labor Federation Joint Legistive Conference as a member of the TWU CSC representing TWU Local 505.  The Conference will be in Sacramento on March 14 and 15th, some of the agenda items include; Legislative Strategies, Climate Change, The New Labor Movement, Threats and Opportunities on the 2016 ballot, and Strategies for Health Care Reform.  Monday will be a day of workshops, guest speakers, overview of Labors concerns and planning.  Tuesday will include rallying to the State Capitol to meet with Legislators seeking the support of Labor.  Herbert will be able to share information at our next meeting that will educate all Members of current legislative proposals that could impact our future.

The Officers of Local 505 offer our thanks and gratitude to all who take their time to participate in these activities.  We realize that not everyone has time outside work to join in, however there are other activities that you can do while on the job.  Wear your Union T Shirt and or hat at work, attach a Union pin on your jacket. This shows Management that you are a proud professional Union worker and expect that all provisions of our agreement be respected.  Visible Union identification can also be seen by passengers from airplane and terminal windows, this assures them that they are being served by Union Members and can count on safety and dedication to excellence. Other forms of involvement are as simple as keeping informed of all the latest Union developments by visiting our Local 505 website, the TWU International website, TWU phone and tablet app, Twitter, and Instagram.  Reaching out to our Brothers and Sisters who are off work due to health concerns, family issues, or retirement by phone or Facebook. Be involved !!

Look forward to seeing you soon at a Membership Meeting !!



SFO Informational Update

To:  All TWU Local 505 Members and Officers

As you are aware our Local President, Mike Mayes, is participating in the Joint CBA negotiations.  This is a very demanding and complex assignment requiring attendance at not only the Negotiation Table but also multiple meetings in preparation for presentation of contract proposals to the Company.  He will be traveling extensively during the upcoming months to participate in this process as the meetings are taking place in different cities throughout the system. 

During Mike’s absence from the Local Hall and daily availability to the Membership, as Vice President I will assume his Local functions and responsibilities.  If a situation arises, or you have ongoing concerns on any back issues, please contact Herbert Brown (SFO Station Chairperson) or Jennifer Platt (TWU Local 505 Vice President) for assistance.  Robert Todd (TWU Local 505 Executive Board) is also available specializing in Title II concerns.  As always we are available by phone, text, email and in person on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis.  Please call ahead before coming to the Union Hall to insure someone will be there to meet with you.  All contact information is listed below.

The negotiation process is very important to all of us and will impact not only your financial future but also work rules and health and welfare benefits.  Please support Mike while he represents all of us in this process, he and the negotiation team are our voices.  The 505 is very proud that Mike was designated to fill this important seat at the bargaining table, you as Members can feel confident that Mike will carry your Contract concerns to the highest level.

Thank you again for your support.  Work safe and smart for yourself, your family, and your co-workers.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Carol Platt
TWU Local 505
Vice President

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